Housing Assistance

University of Paris welcomes foreign students in exchange programs, in dual-degree training or as part of individual mobility.

General information can be found on the University of Paris website


University residences of the CROUS of Paris
The accommodation is attributed depending on availability:

  • to students having a scholarship, enrolled in a program in a higher education institution attached to the Académie de Paris
  • to foreign students having a scholarship of the French government via Campus France
  • to mobility students accepted for university exchange programs and designated by their university
  • to disabled students with motor disabilities or impaired vision (admission possible from the first year of study) with an 80% disability card, for a maximum of 7 years.

Warning ! for all applications for scholarships and /or housing, it is imperative to complete the application form as soon as possible – since the 15th of January – by the web site (Dossier Social Étudiant (DSE)).
CROUS : 39 av. Georges-Bernanos, 75005 Paris.
Tel. 01 40 51 36 12
housing Tel : 01 40 51 62 00
International Tel : 01 40 51 37 35
E-mail : international@crous-paris.fr

Département Vie Etudiante

The Student Life department (Département Vie Etudiante) of the University of Paris can assist you with housing and related administrative procedures: advice, assistance with research in the private sector, contact with our partners, etc.

Find all useful info here.

Contact: dve.grands-moulins@u-paris.fr

Cité internationale universitaire de Paris
Cité internationale universitaire de Paris
17 boulevard Jourdan
75014 PARIS
Tel : 01 44 16 64 00

Social Residences Lerichemont
Intergenerational cohabitation
Many retired Parisians live alone and have one or more rooms available in their apartments. At the same time, many young people, students, trainees and young workers are looking for affordable housing in Paris. On the basis of this observation, three Parisian associations propose to link young people looking for accommodation and seniors who are interested in company and /or additional income. According to the chosen formula, the cohabitation consists in a free provision of a furnished room against a regular presence of the young person in the evening, at night and some weekend, or a provision of a furnished room against a compensation occupancy.
Le PariSolidaire IDF
6, rue Duchefdelaville
75013 Paris
Tél : 01 42 27 06 20
Ensemble 2 générations
16 rue Raymond Poincaré
78220 Viroflay

Other networks experienced by the students
Private student residences:


https://www.appartager.com – leboncoin (colocation)
Student homes :
Institutional Channels:
The student housing center: http://www.lokaviz.fr/
The Youth Information and Documentation Center:

Guarantee for housing:

Warning: for private housing, typically in Paris it is required a guarantee!
The french gouvernment can help you, to know how please visit the website: https://www.visale.fr/#!/visale-locataire