‘Quantum Devices’ is a training course for the students having validated the first year of a master’s degree; the goal of this course is to give a high level theoretical and experimental training on different kind of quantum phenomena with a particular attention to quantum devices and nanotechnologies.

In this domain of research, the boundaries between physics, chemistry, material science, biology and molecular medicine have become blurred. In this field, fundamental and applied researches enrich each other: theoretical advancements are accompanied by the progress in material science (creation of new materials, control of their elaboration) and by the realization of new and unique experimental techniques (near field microscopy, electron microscopy techniques).

These advancements, awarded with several Nobel prizes, have had important consequences in fundamental physics; today we are able to observe and manipulate single atoms or conceive quantum devices: semiconductor sources and detectors, molecular transistor, superconducting circuits for quantum information, hard disks based on giant magnetoresistance, DNA chips,….

After the master’s degree, many of our students begin a PhD thesis in a research laboratory (public or private) with a grant from the Ministry of Education or from other forms of financial support (CIFRE, DGA, Ile de France, CNano,…)