Outline of the courses

The first term (September-January) includes lectures on the fundamental concepts and tools of quantum photonics and electronics in condensed matter, high-tech analysis tools (electronic microscopy, STM, AFM…), a large panorama of quantum devices and functionalized materials and proposes a series … Continue reading

Calendar 2018/2019

First semester Second semester 05 Sept – 25 Sept Projects in Nanosciences 21 Jan – 16 Feb Classes 26 Sept – 28 Sept Revisions 25 Feb – 01 Mar Exams 1 Oct – 5 Dec Classes 4 Mars – 30 … Continue reading


‘Quantum Devices’ is a training course for the students having validated the first year of a master’s degree; the goal of this course is to give a high level theoretical and experimental training on different kind of quantum phenomena with … Continue reading