‘Quantum Devices’ is a training course for the students having validated the first year of a master’s degree; the goal of this course is to give a high level theoretical and experimental training on different kind of quantum phenomena with a particular attention to quantum devices and nanotechnologies.

The Master is accredited by the University of Paris. It is in partnership with the École Polytechnique and it is integral part of the International Master program ‘Nanotechnologies and Quantum Devices’ in partnership with the Politecnico of Turin (Italy). It is also part of the third year program of the Denis Diderot School of Engineering (EIDD).

Students receive state of the art training in nanofabrication and nanocharacterizing, thanks to the access to the Paris Diderot cleanroom and the dedicated nanoscience teaching platform.

The training relies on the intervention of high-level scientists from Ile de France laboratories working in the domain of quantum devices. Thanks to this well established network, students find many opportunities after graduation both in academics as well as in the industrial sector.